Tea bags with a message


I believe that no one will go so far as to make a tee party for her partner for Valentine’s Day, but this seems too sweet and it is very easy to make, can be a great decoration and can be used for any other occasion


It only takes a cut of a cardboard in the shape of hearts, two identical and replace the existing label with this on which is printed a message. Simple: cardboard, glue, scissors, pencil and good will.

Love lollipop

Picture says it all … Lollipops, colored paper, scissors and a little patience … Applicable on other days. Excellent replacement for a bouquet of flowers.


If you really do not want to paint a holiday in pink and red, and we like the idea to decorate a home, this is perfect. We need a couple of pages of old books or newspapers, thin twine, glue and scissors …



And finally, my favorite. Decorate the table. For a few minutes, simple.



I tried and was thrilled with it, and my children spent at least half an hour playing with the end product, they were wearing napkins as garlands on their head, the boy got a corolla of blue and girls, of course, made of pink hearts. It is very difficult to explain this very simple process, and therefore place the link to look
Scissors and multicolored paper napkins is all that is needed.
Enjoy the fun!
Happy Valentine!

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