Let’s face the sad facts about living in our city, again… While the whole world sees the famous “Penthouse” as a prestige residence, and the spaciousness and enjoyment of the view that they provide is prized, that term is a bit unclear here… Of course, there are those lucky ones who can boast with an apartment that has all the qualities of the penthouse, but unfortunately more of those who are due to various circumstances (low price, because at least half is not “yet” legal – viva investors!) referred to the purchase duplex apartments, in order to feel the luxury a little. Ah yes… To make the eternal problem of steps a little easier, that, as a rule (because of the strange (not) thinking architects who were found bewildered by projected task) takes a huge area and, as a rule, impractical floor area per level, here is a pair of solutions that someone could find helpful.


Ahhhaaahaa … this is a joke! Forget this  … Do not think … Do not even dram about this… There will never be enough space for this…



This is already a more realistic option. If you want to insert a bit of nature, and are condemned to choose spiral staircase, if you do not have small children whose feet can get stuck where they should not, or injurie on the sharp edges. If you favor a modern and warm atmosphere… then this is a great choice…



Za avanturiste… Za one koji ne vole baš da popiju koju čašicu više… Nikako za penzionere… Samo za mlade, slobodne ljude, bez dece…. Koji ne piju… Ako takvih ima uopšte, kad malo bolje razmislim…

For adventurers… For those who do not like to drink a bit too much… In no way for elder people… Just for teens, free people, without children…. Who do not drink… If there are any at all, come to think of …



A little extra space is necessary for everyone, still lacking a place for the ironing board… It might be a safe version if we get the fence in.



Another way to take advantage of the space under the stairs.



The use of glass instead of the fence could be an ideal solution if you want to get more of a modern look to your interior. But then again, impractical if you have children who will be leaving fingerprints… In this case the lower part of the stairs can be used as storage space.



Use various colors to make them more fun…


8 10













Or enrich them by using adequate lighting …


I hope I have helped…


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