Sometimes it is necessary to divide a large space into several smaller spaces or to separate them. This can be done by setting the wall, using curtains or a sliding door … But if you want to only partially share space, screens will be the right choice. These are some of my favorites, I found searching for the best solution for my hall:

1. These panels are called Koziol Hanging Screens. They are made of plastic and the price is $ 8 per piece.




2. If you want to personalize the space, there is nothing better than using your loved ones in the photo frames …



3. If you want a little play in the area, this screen with the name of Buzzi Screen will make you really happy. It is possible to hook him various details, it is possible to add elements from all sides, depending on the size you need. It was designed by Sas Adrianssens.


4. This enchanting screen is very modern. One of the types of screens that hang from the ceiling. It is not offensive in the area, easily it refines and represents a kind of decoration. Produced by the Dutch company Blooming and was designed by Mireille Meijs.


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