Organize !


Ok … Here I am … stormed everything (well, almost everything) that got me seemed nervous, and I ‘m back to home décor.
Some people, who know me well say that I was pre-programmed and sometimes annoying to others and to myself. Everything must be in place and in order (my poor children…) and everything has to be planned in advance. You must be quick thinking and quick working. Okay, it’s just me… But let’s be realistic and admit that many things around us makes us nervous. How many times we wanted to have everything in its place. Well, here are some ideas …
Attach the box with spices using magnets for the fridge …


Take a deep kitchen drawer for storing cutlery in a vertical position

Hang shoes on the wall with or gypsum or wooden battens.


Hang the baskets on the bars or even towel holder in order to have more space for storing towels and all those bottles, perfumes, creams, lotions, everything that makes a constant mess in the bathroom …

Use a shoe rack to store household chemicals!


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