Organize!!! Part 2


I’ve been away for a while … for a reason! The children were sick last two weeks and I barely managed to with professional obligations (because, hey, Accounts will not pay for themselves!) and their virus, fail to do the most basic things, such as food intake, by little (or too few) Sleep and maintaining basic hygiene… Blog were put on “stand by”, something in my life I learned about priorities …
But here it is … Organize – second part!
A few more useful, I think, easily applicable tips…
According to many shops, house equipment, we can find these canvas stops that have proved to be very useful for organizing drawers, there are various sizes and depths, and I’m sure everyone will be benefited. In particular, I managed to get them in the store Jysk in Novi Beograd, at very affordable prices. A little investment for quite organized everyday.



And the same problem can be solved with plastic boxes, they are easy to find everywhere …



Not a bad idea, either vertically stacked dishes, such as trays, ovals and everything that plagued us when we think that it should be used. Surely you know the feeling when you need to draw some oval or cutting board that is located at the very bottom, and through it already stacked plates, pans or whatever … for this type of agreement we need spacers, which is very difficult (or impossible) to buy with us in more regular sales, but with a little imagination …



Use the space between the shelves …



This is already easier to perform, given how these types of mesh shelves can be found on the market, but both summary and that it is a space that is empty, measure the space and the problem is solved.
And the pile of paper around the house or office … It sometimes can really piss me off. I still need time to make out what is what … What the paper is long overdue to throw, what of bills are paid, and what remains to be paid, which receipts should be kept at all or to keep everything by the book, just in case .. . All this should at least be located in one place. So, everyone should have one these useful shelves :



Neatly arranged folders with clearly labeled sections:



Or maybe a box :


It is always useful to know where are all the keys we need. I now use a drawer in the hall, a little TUMBLE until I find what I need, but I know they are there, and that can easily be solved in this way:



Hmm … Do you remember those moments, before every new year, when we take out ornaments to decorate the tree, or at least to see in what condition are they and what needs to be purchased … And there’s always that ball of cables and spark plugs, which then unravel hours, but just because we are too lazy to every year it neatly and lay aside … or are we just anxious to get off the tree in the hope that we would summon the spring … and in fact, it can be easy:


I love to cook, when I’m making dinner for friends, I always try to think of something new and unusual, I really enjoy it. But when you need to save every day (and every woman who has children knows that a special circle of hell in which to devise a menu for the whole week, I think what everyone plan and purchase for these wishes) culinary enjoyment turns into passion. So I think that if we succeeded in that part of his life keeping organized, would save time for at least one relax manicure.


I will mention torture in finding appropriate jewlary in all those (supposedly beneficial) boxes for the same. This strikes me as a much more convenient method …


And this is something serious … For some time trying to come up with the easiest solution to install these two elements in my kitchen: a cutting board with a hole underneath it that leads to trash. Wonderful! Truly practical and useful! No more collecting debris all over the kitchen counter. Saving time-huge! Remove nuisance – priceless!


And still looking for the perfect solution disposal and sorting dirty laundry. I’m tired of baskets … This could be one of the good solutions, acceptable … It need some more work, when i patent it, i will let you know!


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