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Given that our Valentine’s Day is in a few days, I wanted to share with you a few ideas … Ok, I know that all of us, when we mention Valentine’s Day, shake our hand and put it clear that it does not matter to us. But very few women will not be affected by sheer cuteness of all these hearts. If nothing else, at least we that have children, can make good fun out of this holiday. Or we can animate the children to participate in making these decorations, when you already do not know how to entertain them at this terrible time. Here are a few ideas:

1. Take a cardboard, square shaped, and bend it first diagonals and then vertically and horizontally, and then open the card


2. Pull the two opposite corners of the square, while the other two are drawn in, until we get the following


3. It is best to pre-create a pattern that will help us to properly cut the heart follows:

6 7

4. The rest is just to pull towards the middle those two opposite sides of the former squares, and attach them to it,first with the adhesive and then drill holes through which we will pull straps.

8 9

It’s very simple, I tried and it worked the first time, you should try it…

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