Inspiring day


Interesting, inspiring day … Yesterday I was with my friends for lunch at the famous Belgrade restaurant Diagonal 2.0, now new version of the old restaurants Zaplet.



Designed to make you forget in which country you are (in our case, it is easy to forget when it’s time to go home) … Space: Absolutelly fabilous, trendy. Comfortable? Not really … It depends on how much you are quick to sit on a upholstered seat … But, as I said at the beginning, certainly interesting and inspiring. The restaurant moved into the former villa of Djordje Jovanovic on whose facade there are two sculptures remind us, or at least to wonder …


The interior has been reduced, with a great set concept, is also a restaurant and bar, gastronomic hangout and social meeting point. The minimalist approach, but with an emphasis on art, which is supported by the various installations in the area. Actually, I could not talk about all technical aspects of interior design, seating arrangements, lighting and what not… For example the effect of the chandelier …



There can be praises and complaints, hmmm … as always, but I have to point out what makes this restaurant stand out from the rest, and that is the idea of total design that is soooo little applied in our society. Ok. Someone may like it, some do not, but there are few who know how to implement it. And there are some that are indifferent. I think this is the main characteristic of this place. I would not like to speak about food. I was always more about company, the atmosphere and ambiance.


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Personally, I’m not a fan of this type of restaurants. I’m just not that kind of a person… But change is nice… This is something that Belgrade lacked, variety, playfulness and the ability to choose. Indeed, it really is totally cool …

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