Ok … Maybe I should admit … I am obsessed with various Holders, as a friend of mine says … But no matter, we must acknowledge how much we can make our life easier. Or, maybe, more organized.
I was always annoyed when the sponge gets in the sink and filled with water, and then we have to wash it, drain it and then use it.
Or when we get ready to go out and we can not find an appropriate piece of jewelry. Or worse, when we have to wear chains, chains and necklaces entangled in one big lump that is impossible to untangle. These are the situations when we wonder why did not anyone ever invent something that will make life easier for us and we hate ourselves why we did not recently purchased that one holder which seemed completely unnecessary but cute.
So I will now propose some useful carriers for different purposes, and believe me, you’ll be thankful if  you get some of them.

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