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I am often unsure what to say when people ask me what my profession is. Perhaps the most complete answer is artist and a designer, who has a PhD in Engineering.
I am someone between an interior designer and engineer. Persistent design strategist who does not give up the idea that it is possible and necessary to aesthetically shape everything around you. I know from my own experience that creating a harmony around you, makes a step towards finding harmony in yourself.

I often draw at night

I strongly believe that everything that surrounds us shapes ourselves in a specific way. Reactions of people to my work are always in the same spirit. Everyone is delighted and saying : “It’s a true feminine calling.” However, reality is completely different.
Interior designer is not only someone who invents, draws, creates, projects and enjoy the selection of beautiful things that make an interior ambient. I always laugh when I remember myself in my seventh month of pregnancy, on a ladder at a construction site, measuring space. Because it was an emergency!
To make the project successful, interior designer has to supervise all phases of the construction. Not one segment must be left to chance nor can I have some of the contractors make decisions, about the project, because I was not available.
These are often large, serious and demanding jobs, and the presence of an interior designer is necessary to make it all successfully completed. And so, more than half of my job is in a noncreative, “butch” environment.
The great advantage of my job is the ability to manage your time. I Arrange meetings and visit the premises before noon, while the kids are in school. If I do not make it through the day to finish all obligations, drawing is left for the evening, and night is sometimes the best option.

I prefer hotels

Although I do designing buildings for various purposes, from residential, office to the sales and exhibition spaces, I must say my special field of interest must be hotel facilities.
It is a big challenge because hotels are subject to criticism from a large number of different people.
I came to the conclusion that the design of the interior of any space is only a part in creating the overall experience of the observer. Steve Jobs, founder of “Apple”, said: “The design is an interesting word. Some people think that Design means how something looks. But of course, if you look at it deeper, it’s really how something works. ”
This is exactly how I would describe my approach to work. It’s nice to start a project as a blank paper and watch how he gets the contours and shapes of what I imagined.

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